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Developing a fitter culture

Fuel & Co's mission

Fuel & Co is all about energising people and making them feel good in their own bodies. At Fuel & Co, we firmly believe that different bodies need different fuel. This is translated in our menu, which is designed to cater for a variety of different diets.. We aim to provide our community with healthy food that tastes great, looks amazing, and that is honest at heart. Our Fuel Shakes are fast to grab and worry free; in other words our health conscious customers don’t need to worry about any hidden ingredients and calories in our product because we tell you exactly what goes in it. What you see is what you get with Fuel & Co.

Our Fuel shakes & meals

fuelling different bodies


Low carb, high fat, and energy packed.

Low fat

Meals that are low in fat to help you sustain a low calorie diet.


All our Fuel Shakes can be veganized.

max performance

Fuelling the performance and recovery of athletes and professionals.

our environmentally friendly initiative

Saving our planet

Our brand has chosen to adopt a strong stance in the fight against environmental degradation. We steer away from the use of plastic products. All our packaging is either recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable. 

We’re also giving our customers a chance to play their part! One of Fuel & Co’s loyalty schemes involves using reusable shakers for all our Fuel Shakes; decreasing the use of disposables and contributing to less waste on our beautiful islands. 

Fuel & Co customers are also given the opportunity to donate €0.50 to our green jar initiative; where all proceeds will be donated towards the planting of trees in order to make our islands greener. 

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